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Lacrosse Goalie with Helmet

Finding Your Best Fit

House League or Rep?

Families new to lacrosse might be unsure as to which "stream" to register their child(ren). This page is meant to help you make the best choice for you and your athlete(s). 

House League 

House League is a great place to begin your lacrosse journey. Athletes will be placed on balanced teams. Family members and friends can often be placed together by request. Age brackets can even be blended, as long as the fit is appropriate for all parties. Once a week (Saturday mornings), each team will complete a mini practice / warm-up and then compete in a game. House League will begin in mid-April and end in late June. The total number of House League teams will be dependent upon registration numbers. Last year there were two at each age group. We are hoping that number rises this year!


Rep is a good fit for players who are looking for a more competitive pathway - one with travel and an increased volume of games and practices. Rep teams will practice two days a week and games will be sprinkled throughout. Tryouts for Rep start as early as March (depending on the team), but the season will not begin until Mid-April and end in late July. Rep teams offer less flexibility personnel-wise, as coaches may have to make cuts (depending on numbers). The cost for rep is also higher, as families will have to factor in greater travel costs and things like tournaments.


What if my child registers for rep and does not make a team? 

They will be placed on a house league team. 

I'm not sure if my child is prepared or "good enough" for rep. Should they try out?

If your child has the interest to play, we believe it is worth taking the chance of trying out. For players in U-9, families should remember that everyone is essentially a novice - this is a building year for all. If things don't work out, there are good lessons to be learned.

What if my child wants to try goalie?

We suggest they attend the goalie clinic (March 16th). We have equipment for them to try - so please don't make a huge investment before they discover whether or not they are a fan.

In House League, the role of goalie often rotates (but it can stay consistent if we have the numbers). 

Those unable to attend the goalie clinic will still be welcome to try out for goalie for any team. Please reach out to us to arrange for an "equipment fitting". 

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